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climb on discarded boxes to summit of beauty, hope lives in these bus stops. floods come and go, sprayed stone protects from inspiration. dusty hazy fingerprint leaves streaks behind, you can only see them in the right light. a nuisance, grates my exposed nerves like a sleepy foot or a stretched leg to far in half sleep state. no idea of these limits when you sleep, the downside is painful cramps, but dreams far outweigh. chips and cracks used to be the bane of my existence, now i see things perfececectly :) at that inn of respectful adverse thought. dust and shadows and insects, cheap mousepad and a 6-volt adaptor of unknown origins and purpose. plug-in room deodorizer and 2 inch screws, kinda copper colored. stretched on likeness and tied tightly with leather shoe laces. my abandoned compost heap expatriate dime store guitar. cigar boxes are sometimes only symbolic of nothing contained, memories on faded paper board. print will fade in time but fondness or sadness or any myriad emotions simultaneous implosion of self wont! tag everything so you can be forgotten, pass unseen from your sinful way of baggy pants and illegible stylized carving in plexiglass. general purpose meaning for times of rest and strife, not normal everyday opposite predictable, not a target audience. they can never understand you, never see into your beliefs, black and white or abstract or the middle ground. they only want to pursue own crazy variations, hipness just sells to fund the personality of preference from past lives achieve a mixing of soul. i love it all.