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so i like to go to the beach and get nice and sunburnt, it's an affirmation of inevitable life (cancer) and that is so much fun to watch the minimums flare up like the lifespan of mayflies, thousands of rounds a minute  page too
  don't cut of any of those hairs on yer head, they are calling cards for big brother and you really don't wanna see the inside of a double wide nightmare in this level of hell. so save up your money and live REAL lean and you can see god in the form of a rolex sales man, that's MY dream and its just so fulfilling 

just so violent and god, spectacularly fantastic. so go there, you won't have any idea of what it's like to you dig it on yer own. take no distractions and no preconceptions, prescriptions or other pharmaceuticals

may 18th 2001 9:51 pm
pink floyd is introspective thinking music to me. it makes me wanna not write this, just save these thoughts in my head. but this is for me anyway, so this is my head, but these are not my thoughts. they get lost in the translation to analytical thought. if i may be serious for a moment (not likely- ed.) have you ever found what you weren't looking for exactly where you never guessed?

may 19th 2001 9:37 pm

hey isn't that clever? yeah its my favorite way of showing you how. listen to me and you won't want for anything till it's over. the end will come and it won't be a surprise. be happy godamnit!!!
had ferrite blight deters toga slopes. groupie lomenta roper guides, cause that is the way you two-part gander tumid bluish jupon YEAH!!! man, that is so true, i am, of course, just telling you what you wanna hear.
may 20th 2001 10:28 pm

it's kinda like a dog and a cat, that's perverse but just think of the babies!!!! so cute, like obedient kittens, right amiga? hash. blazer hailing raters ferrotype, what posterior hiked etui adjoin. this did not work as well as last time i let a machine think for me, you must try it. it's to die for.

  may 21st 2001 10:01 pm
my dream car is a fast way to see things, like a turbocharged yugo convertible, or a tatra 87. yeah fix it again tony! oh god why drive something like a ford taurus mediocremobile, im an individual and i want a piece of that coveted communist iron for MY collection. just buff it with a diaper and load it on the trailer, this life is to short to have fun drivin the thing!
you remember those old movie reels from the forties? you know the ones where they speculated about the wondrous new appliances and weapons of mass destrrrrrrrrrrrrrruction that the wonderful technology of the future would bring us? i saw one once and i heard the narrator narrate "the public eagerly accepts all the wonderful advancements science has to offer!" you can't make me eagerly accept yer fucking garbage. fuck you.
may 22nd 2001 2:16 pm  
think behind the curtain if you can see that far uphill. we all live in tunnels and we catch a glimpse of it once in a blue moon. you will be walking down the hallway, or sitting on a rock  in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't matter the location! it can't be predicted or even guessed at, but the instant you realize it's already long gone. on to the next hurdle.
may 23rd 2001 2:30 pm

well walk on the paths that you will find at unlikely. smile to yerself and remember that killing things is wrong. unless its for fun. always have lots of fun and don't you dare young man! i used to have a reoccurring dream when i was a kid. there was this HUGE vastness, i can't explain what i can't understand. it was eternity and it like hurt to think. i have to werk to have money, money makes you happy didn't you learn?! pay attention! get in the groove or die!! buy lots of stuff and fill up that void, it's the only way to have a mortgage till you die. debt is good for the worldwide economy and even the church pays taxes. you can pick out the curtains and even buy a lawnmower!! i recommend an electric or even better a push type, the neighbors have great ears. buy the fe-mail man a gift for christmas, after all everybody RETURNS THE FAVOR.

may 24th 2001 2:17 pm  
today im gonna go to photometer and eat a big ol location. to hell with all the naysayers, they are only jealous of my interoperate. they all act so aloof and aeration. what the hell do they know about the ancient game of checkers loiter? nothing and then some, mrs. fratoblagakiomanty. i sleep on a bed of justify hetaerist.  
may 28th 2001 3:04 pm which isle are the iterates to be found? aisle 7, thankyou and good monomer, mister restrictors. its on sale for 37 cents a heliotropism. yes! without a coupon! tuner gaffer after dolerite, topcoats anteaters, according to the real estate agent. this price is ridiculous, it can't be justified. this is a pen, but its not to be believed for a moment. this is in french when you are not looking.