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sideways talking straight men behind synthetic ties, dried up brown shirts and bad attitudes towards the un-understandable. they invade my meditation, leave me to no other means. cant get back into that unconscious groove, gotta go and acquire the fucked up meaningless clutter that the world pushes on you. i want to exist between these worlds with no thought to the contrary. let me walk through the garbage spewing city with the sound of the stream in my head. let me feel good about the cube that i wrap myself in, devoid of there needless trappings. the farther you get from them the better. dont fool yourself, your not one of them and you know it. they see through it and it just fucks you up. embrace your sandpaper soul, hug your caustic self till ya bleed and scar. the pain of isolation will pass, isolation from pettiness makes you a fucking god. i am there for very few, the ones that make me forget the filthy air and criminals. for you i wake up in the morning, i think of you existing in this desert and it makes me want to breathe and it makes me happy.