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al<an>s ego trip 

what the hell is this doing here? god, man you really ought to try decaffeinated, you'll never pay retail again! gotta keep moving man, gotta find something worth being polite for. at the end of this you wont feel any better. its all so synthetic and that's why we like it, you know. the armageddon of megalopolises seen through a smokey eye. mono speaker tells you how to achieve greatness in plastic sales. loopdy loops run through tunnels of synapse and sinew, my city is so fucking clean it makes you feel good about humanity. have faith that faith is worthless. that's a little negative fatalistic pessimistic and unrealistic. it all works out in the end of the task. means nothing of course. the more pretentious it is the more talented? you are, not what you want to be and that is the meaning of existence. so pull up a prejudice and have a look-see.



an experiment in esthetics for the sake of nothing. i type on this device because my handwriting is too messy. have to keep busy or the state sets like concrete, and who the hell can afford jack-hammers nowadays? i live nomadically... don't let the roots grow and stifle the earth. romanticize what you can't rationalize, if you don't it can't be helped.


stay on this perfect road, it'll take us home. go fast though the slow parts and faster through the rest. let it grow into a fish first, then you will know me. blah blah blah. who cares about this? what a waste of time effort questionable. goddamn this is funny. oh shit, don't take it too seriously. sounds evoke ghosts of place that you can't imagine till you experience it, cut short. blades of old fashioned flower print asbestos and newspapers with headlines of communists and longer lower sleeker. i look out my window and see a motorhome - what a symbol. find it where you don't like it. you may find that you don't. i wrote this in five low monthly installments and it shows. your child always grows into something different from what you wanted expected. what is good for me is good for them, you don't know these folks. find no comforts in the city, none in the country, foreign or domestic. who said the american is homeless? rootless. trust in experience, it can't be denied. what drives your hand to pick up that great clean pure thought and destroy it, don't try and explain. you will only kill the feeling. the first unimportant thing in history will be the end of time. the enormity of it all kills my brain, but frees soul> kind of complicated, like how xerox machines work - only in reverse. i am over 70% water, and my body is controlled by electricity? no wonder fundamentalists have no faith... in science. two persons connected on a long distance line is schizophrenia, you know that don't you? oh man god you i just wanna be free to do the things i feel right about, to the things of gods and artists. and it pounds on. ten thousand beats per minute on the moon of jupiter5 in the galaxy of some far off imagination, so damn good like a drug that is banned for fear of mass enlightenment. this is for me this is for mine me mine. strange little interlude in an otherwise fine young careful! what it is, see, its all important. all of it according to the plan of the anarchist anal explosive bookkeeper. this doesn't end.

this page is to web design what a haiku is to poetry, the easy way out. but i don't have the attention span to do it properly, so this is it for now. and probably for ever. this is down here cause it's not at the top. so stay non-boxable and keep off that autopilot. don't be a zombie, live for experience not money and all that. me, a hypocrite? that's impossible when you don't live by second guessing. this is meant to be like a cheap aftershave, it burns after the act. and that's the point isn't it? this is atonement for something.